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GITA 2 Projects

Russias spread of misinformation

In this project we learn some HTML basics like how to structure webpages.
We also learn how to add colored text, fonts, and pictures.

New Technologies

In this project we learn to use roll over pictures and links, so that when a cursor
goes upon it, itll alter the picture or change the color of the link.

Business Card

In this project css styleing would be practied in order to get a better shape
for the page when on a phone. We also used QR codes.

My Collage

For our own and personalized collages we used absolute value to put pictures on top
of eachother to replicate how real collages look.

My Milk Business

Here were reintroduced to using variables and functions but now in HTML.

My Milk Business(Upgraded)

Previous to our last project but now with added checkboxes and radiobuttons.

Dice Roll

We use random integer creators, encrypt our javascript,
and change pictures based on integer values


The new information we learned in the dice programs are implamented here
to make the Craps game.

Bouncy Balls

This project introduced us to canvases and animation.


Pratice with using canvases and learning new elements for the canvas.

X-Treme Project

More Practice with css styling and implementing videos in a page

Galaxy Raiders

A game that uses timers and arrow presses on canvases.

Circles Bounce

This program we use arrays and change the colors of objects with hex.

Internet Controversies

This program we learned about various ineternet discussions and put information in redesigned templates.

Submarine Sinkin

This game uses arrays to make fish aswell as splicing the array to remove or add fish.

5000 Array

Makes an array of 5000 numbers with calculations made about the array.

Galaxy Raiders 2

A game that adds an array combined with arrow presses and timer.

Strawbella's Bakery

My Final Project for GITA 2 implementing various tools I learned.

Info About Being in GITA

GITA is a class in which students will learn how to code for websites and games, using various differnt coding languages. My goals for taking this class is to further my knowledge in coding so that maybe I can apply it to my career later on. I think coding is pretty fun and it's always been satisfying to me to finish a project and enjoy what I created. This year were learning how to code in HTML. In HTML, coding is done for webpages like this one right now O-O. We have learned a variety of techniques in styling our webpages in css and using other gadgets to improve our webpages. If you'd like to learn more about GITA heres the school's phone number, (714)990-7850, and here's the address, 789 Wildcat Way.

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