Computer Science 1

Hello, This is my webpage for computer science 1.
We are studying C#. If you'd like to download C# you can go here, and download visualstudios.
Its my first year of computer science. My goals are to further expand my knowledge of coding so
I could possibly apply it in my future career plans. Despite the challanges I've faced, I had a lot of fun.

Help Page


In this project, we nake a help page for a fake company. In it we give some information about the company and allow some changes in color and font for the form.

Mailing Label


This project enters the users inputed information and creates a mailing label for them.

Car Rental


This makes a car rental program for a fake brand. Here the user would enter information about their car use and the program will output the calculated costs.

Car Rental Upgrade


This is an upgraded version of the previous project. Here more features are available like mulitple cars and other features for the cars.

Body Mass Index


This project takes the users inputed information and calculates their BMI for them.

Dice Roll


This program recreates a rolling of dice. The program generates random numbers to recreate a die roll. It will also include other information using the die rolls.

Vegas Craps


This project is a recreation of Vegas Craps game. It reuses the mechanics of the die roll from the last game and uses it to make craps.



This is a recreation for a fake brand that sells shirts. The shirts are entered and the prices are calculated for the orders.

Slot Machine


This project makes a slot machine. The user will enter an amount of money to bet on and spin the pictures. If they match the user wins the jackpot.

Rock Paper Scissors


This project recreates the game of rock paper scissors. It is a two player game where each user takes turns entering their choice.

Fish Tank


This program makes a fish tank with a fish that moves randomly, either randomly or manually.

Fish Tank 2D


This project is similar to the previous one but with a larger space, a predator fish, and a user inputed speed movement.



This program makes the games of tic-tac-toe. It is a two player game where each user takes turns clicking on each empty square.



This project will take an entered number from the user and display an assortment of other numbers using the users number.

Basic AI


The Basic Ai project makes a game where you play as a key controlled character and have to run away from an ai controlled character that is chasing you.

Basic AI Upgrade


This is an upgraded version of the previous project. Here it includes additional features like a fired bullet, timer, score, and a main menu for the game.

Fish Aquarium


This program makes an aquarium filled with fish. The fish swim around randomly around the form.

Fish Aquarium Upgrade


This is an upgraded version of the previous project. Here it includes additional things like a boat, bubbles, and a hungry shark.

Integer Array


This project makes an array of five-thousand random numbers, that can range from 0-5000. It will also include other information related to the array.

Final Project

This is the final project where we are allowed to make our own game. Here we will use all our knowledge weve gathered over the year to make our game. This game is called Heart Attack and is a two-dimensional single playered shooter.